Thursday, July 10, 2014

In the Backyard

I forgot to put this picture up a few weeks ago.  I found this interesting scene in my backyard just a few days before the boys went to scout camp.

Why?  Dunno.  Why do boys do funny things sometimes?  I really have no idea what the appeal is.  I shave my legs because I have to.  But to shave them just for fun?  I don't think it's fun, but what do I know?  I do know the technique, and I was asked to share the secrets of how to shave a knobby knee without nicks.  And advise about the liberal post-shaving application of lotion.  I was useful.

I guess there is a tradition for the boys to part with their leg hair on the last campout.  Fine.  Whatevah makes you happy!  All I know is that Trent shaved his legs in his younger days.  And Jay did his on mission - in a barber-shop pole stripe.  I guess it's fun when you don't have to?

I chuckled as they winced when rinsing with cold hose water.  I grin that they are such good sports to let me take this picture.  And now they are leaving - two to Madagascar and the other to Germany.

Good boys.  So glad we have such great neighbors and friends!

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