Saturday, January 11, 2014

Trent Working

Trent finally quit his job, and the sun shone and angel choruses sang.  Maybe that was just me singing.  Let me back up.

Trent's job got a bit unsettled several months ago when they "restructured" the pay scale.  Messing with the pay scale is a big deal when you are working a job that is commission-only.  <Trying not to grumble.>  Turns out that the increased bonuses did not even begin to cover the decrease in per-sale income, and the sales were spread thinner so each worker earned fewer.  It was a change that would be fine for a single man, but not for one who had other mouths to feed.  Trent started looking for a new job.

After a while, and many prayers on my part, he was recruited to a better position with a smaller company.  The division was new, so Trent continued to work full-time (60+ hours a week) at the old job while starting up the program at the new job.  Now he was working full-time at two jobs.  We rarely saw the busy man.

Weeks went by.  I finished our family Christmas cards, passed out pens so everyone could sign them, addressed envelopes, and mailed them out.  Then I pasted the card on Facebook.  Minutes later, Trent asked me in surprise, "Did you just post that out for everyone to see?"  Why yes, I did.  And I thought I had done it with his blessing...?

There was a slight problem.  There always is, isn't there?  In the card, I mentioned that Trent had gotten a job offer at a new company.  But he hadn't put in his notice at the old place yet.  Not wanting to get him in hot water, I hastily deleted the post, but not before lots of holiday social media friends had seen it.

Just after Christmas (where he got an entire day off!  Woot!), Trent finally, finally! gave his notice of quitting the old job.  He continued to work long, long hours at both jobs for the next two weeks.  What a blessing it was, this extended goodbye to the old job.  It put his last day in January rather than December, giving us another month of employer-paid health insurance before we have to find our own (the new job has no benefits).

Last weekend we had our first Saturday with Trent at home in more than a year.  It was wonderful to have him around.  He spent the day playing with the kids, taking the boys out for haircuts, and teaching the little ones how to make armpit farts.  Happy family quality time.

It's been nice to have him home earlier in the evenings.  He gets off at 7 now, instead of the 9 or 10 or later (past midnight sometimes!) of the old job.  We've missed having a dad at home.

Welcome home, Trent.

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