Thursday, January 23, 2014

Don't Wait

I've been waiting.  Waiting to write, waiting for life to settle down, waiting for my turn at the computer, waiting for a quiet moment, waiting for my memory card.  Waiting until inspiration hit, until I was less tired, until I felt I had something important.

Guess what?

It will never happen.

No, I'm sure some of those things will happen.  The kids will be done with their homework and free up a computer eventually.  Life is quieter in the evenings.  My memory card and the pictures on it will be returned eventually.  I will get good ideas.  But they won't all line up at the same time.  I'll get a flash of something I want to write about just when someone needs help on the potty.  When the computers are free will be when I am too tired to think straight.  Life will settle down when my children are grown and the memories of them will be lost.  But all of the variables will never be lined up just right to make it the perfect time to do things.

So I'll quit waiting, and jump right back in.  As I sit and write this, I've already had a tattle, "Mom!  Freddie is eating the flour!"  "No I'm not;  I'm just tasting it."  Angel keeps asking me to help her write a little thank you letter.  And I just noticed that the twins were too quiet near the heat vent.  My inquiry as to what they were doing was responded to with two adorable and somewhat guilty smiles and "We are not putting these (holding up small toys) down the heater?"

Today I will order new checks.  I've been putting that one off, too.  I will take my dad to his new Tai Chi class that we finally got around to starting last week.  And that will be enough new things for one day, mixed in with all the other things that I do manage to fit in.  Try delaying dinner when you have three ravenous teenaged boys, two hungry pre-teen boys, and a small handful of grumpy pre-schoolers!  That's not one that can wait.

What are you waiting for?  Oh, and it's good to be here again.

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