Friday, January 10, 2014


Ben burst into the house after school, with an enormous grin splitting his face.  "Mom!  I did it," he exclaimed, slightly out of breath with his enthusiasm.  "I've mastered the doughnut!"

The boys only wish they had a Mustang to drive!

It has been snowing pretty steadily over the past few days.  It has been cold, but today is a smidgen warmer.  The lower levels are melting a bit, so the pileup tends to be slushy on bottom and powdery on top.  The roads are, understandably, slick.  It is always a challenge to drive on slick, snowy roads; not for the weather conditions so much, but for the other drivers who don't know how to drive in those weather conditions.  Growing up by a university, I noticed that the first snowstorm was always the most dangerous as out-of-town college kids grappled with a new set of driving rules.  

When I married Jay, he taught me how to drive in the winter, Alaska-style.  He would even pull into a big parking lot and drive our '67 Mercury Cougar into the only parking stall left:  the half-stall next to a large snow berm.  He'd rev the car with a wicked grin, plowing it up and onto the berm.  I'd get out of our '67 Cougar on the downward side, and he'd climb out the top - at a 30 to 40 degree slant. 

If you learn to drive in the snow, it isn't very scary.  Still, be smart.  Ben went to the church parking lot on the way home to practice his skids and 360s in fresh powder without any other cars around.  Learning how to handle the vehicle in a slide is a very worthwhile skill.

And for a teenager, oh so fun!

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