Friday, October 5, 2012

Work on Today

27 Days to a Happy Mom - Day 5

So what can I do today to be happy?  Anything.  Everything.  Take a hot bubble bath.  Smile at a stranger.  Go for a run, or be grateful that you are not going for a run.  Make a gratitude list.  Worship at church services.  Let another car merge on the freeway.  Buy some bling.  Go for a walk in the crisp autumn air.  Dance.  Watch a movie (maybe even a comedy?). Do an anonymous act of service.  Make children laugh hard.  Whistle.  Give an honest compliment.  Read an inspiring book (here are a few of my favorites!).  Jump rope like a little girl.  Have a barbecue.  Go to bed earlier.  Sing out in the shower.  Make a new goal.  Tell a good joke.  Finish a difficult job on your to-do list.  Eat ice cream.  Clean out a closet that has been plaguing you.  Admit a passion.  Go out with a friend you haven't seen for a while.  Paint.  Kiss your sweetheart - for a long time.  Wear an unusual hat in public.  Hug your kids as many times as they will let you.  Breathe deeply.  Watch the sun set or the moon rise.  Give thanks to the Lord.

The list is really endless.  And your list likely looks different than mine.  Whatever makes you happy.  Or whatever makes you feel peaceful or content or satisfied.  That's happy, too.

The most important thing is to just pick something and do it.  When we sit around and feel glum, we end up looking more like Eeyore, and we don't get feeling any better at all.

Don't wait until you feel happy, though.  Don't wait for conditions to be perfect.  They won't be.  Sometimes we feel more happy when we act more happy first.  And by doing good things, we won't have as many excuses to be gloomy.  Even if we don't feel better immediately, we can still contribute to making this world  happier place.

Just for today...  make a happy list (of your own, or steal some of mine).  Then pick one thing and DO IT!

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