Saturday, October 13, 2012

Marriage Bucket List

27 Days to a Happy Mom - Day 12

Last Saturday I wrote about how having hope - something great and happy to look forward to - is one way to help you be happy.  Today it's about having fun things in the future for your and your hunny.  Make a bucket list of all the things you are looking forward to doing together!  It could be like planning out the highlights reel of your marriage together.

When a couple's bucket list first came up, I loved the idea.  When I asked Trent about trying it (wanted to actually do it before I wrote about it, naturally), he was less than enthusiastic.  I had to rethink making a list, and realized that making a couple's list would be somewhat different from one person's.  I learned that making a bucket list together would require honesty and kindness as you bring up your thoughts and respond to his.

Trent was worried about how I would respond to thinking far into the future, since it usually bothers me.  I had to work through and admit some hangups I had.  Slightly uncomfortable, but I think it was good for me - and for us.

We were able to, after a bit, start writing up a bucket list, and it turned out to be kind of fun.  Some of the things I suggested surprised him.  "Camping?  Like tent camping?  With just me?  OK!"  Other items we had talked about early in our courtship, but forgotten, like taking a cooking class.  Others got us both excited, like making our nasty bedroom into an inviting retreat.  Overall, it was an enjoyable exercise in finding things to look forward to.  And it made us happy.

Just for today... Start a bucket list with {not for} your sweetheart.

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