Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Scout Camp

This third boy of mine is growing up.  I almost said he's getting so big,  but that makes him sound like he was 7 months, or even 7 years old instead of 17.  He's better than 6'2" now, so I definitely look up to him!

This week is scout camp for the 16 and 17 year old boys.  I took him over to the church where they were gathering and stood there aimlessly for a few minutes.  What I really wanted was a hug and a picture, but I left the camera at home and I didn't know if this big, reserved boy was willing to still hug his mama.  It's been a while.

Fortunately, he remembered that he had left his water bottle at home (it's actually Ben's water bottle, but he left it out when he went on his mission so Chris considers it fair game),  and we had to run back home to get it.  I sprinted into the house for the camera while he grabbed the water bottle.
Back at the church, he stood with the other boys, comfortably joking with them and the adult leaders.  They were willing to group together for a picture, so I got my shot.

I helped Chris throw his gear in the back of a pickup.  He'll be sleeping on the ground for the next few days as they hike and rappel around in the mountains. He passed by me and I awkwardly put my arm around him.  What is it about teenagerness that makes hugging wierd sometimes?  I told him that I loved him, because I do and I have to tell him often.  He stopped, put his arm around me and hugged me back.  Love that boy. 

Even through the awkward teenage parts.

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