Monday, July 13, 2015

Mission Monday

These two small fry came home from church yesterday with "Future Missionary" names tags, and are as proud as can be that they look like their older brothers.  I think they are adorable.  Maybe by the time they go on missions, they will be somewhat taller, and learn to tuck in their shirts.  And maybe learn a few other things, too.

Bolo de Caco (a Portugese bread - find the recipe here) is amazing. If you haven't had it, try it. (Trent, you would love this). Especially try it with garlic butter. (perks of having a Portuguese companion).

Lots of fun things are happening here, and it is amazing to see just how much the Lord is involved in every little phase of the work. Even in the long days that just seem like they are going to go on and on. But He DOES care. And He DOES Love us so much. It may not seem like He is there at times, He is. Sometimes He just wants us to act for ourselves. Sometimes He wants us to exercise our faith. Sometimes, it really isn't the most important thing that we need to be worrying about at that time. He does love us and care about us, and only wants the very best for us.

From Madagascar:

Well, exciting stuff this week, the weather sucked! It was so cold, dang it! The best part is that I left my rain jacket up in Antananarivo... so I just got soaked in my BYU hoodie... Haha it was weird proselyting in a hoodie, I'm not going to lie, but it's like a church thing right?... BYU... Anyway, it got soaked and it's thick, so it's been wet for like three days since. However, it was only raining a lot on Saturday, so I was mostly good. Yesterday was a pretty good day, weather wise, and today is absolutely gorgeous...  Saturday was a terrible day. Well, it was a bad day for being on a mission in Madagascar, so it was still a really good day by other standards! 

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