Monday, July 6, 2015

Mission Monday

I have seven sons.  Seven!  I didn't set out to have a whole squadron of boys - well, maybe I did.  I was an only girl with four brothers, and I was cool with boys.  My siblings were boys, my cousins were boys (around my age there were 12 boy cousins and me, the lone girl), and my friends were boys.  Girls were a whole different ballgame where I didn't know the rules.   During high school and college, my guy friends would cry on my shoulder about their bad girlfriends and ask me to explain the way girls did things.  Can't help you, buddy - I'm just as clueless as you are!  I was so nervous to go to college because then I would have to live with - gulp - girls.  I remember telling a college roommate that I wanted to have a basketball team of boys.  So maybe I did wish this on myself.  If so, I'm good with it.

I found a video that talked about six brothers, and I thought I would share it on Mission Monday.  Hope it works!

Well, Happy 'Murica Day! Just to let you know, it is not celebrated over on this side of the world, but we celebrated it anyway. :) This week was considerably better than last week. We had a ton of lessons and it was a really productive week.

I love it here in Paarl, and I'm starting to get the hang of the people here. I love it!

From Madagascar:

We are running into a big problem though...WE CAN'T KEEP UP WITH EVERYONE!!!

 We've got 30 recent converts we need to visit and 25ish investigators who come to church each week, so 50+ people who we really need to visit! And that's not counting the investigators who still haven't come to church quite yet and all of the less actives that we want to be visiting too! So we need more missionaries. We need to let more people get to work here! Haha I know, that's like the best problem in the world to have, but I really think the area needs it.

We can't honestly think we are enduring to the end if we are not consistently nourishing our soul with the good word of God found in the Book of Mormon. So, it's like kind of a big deal... So... Go read it.
It's true, I promise.

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