Thursday, August 29, 2013

Twin Haircuts

I woke up the other morning, still delirious from not getting enough sleep.  I pried my eyelids open and saw the twins.  "Saw" is an overly generous word here, because with the combination of my ultra-bad eyesight and no glasses and bleary morning vision, I can't guarantee that I actually saw anything.  But I think I saw, there in the morning sunlight, two smiling q-tips, their frothy cottony tops illuminated like angelic halos.

As adorable as this is, first thing in the morning, it gets less adorable as the day goes on, and their hair does not improve much.  And they hate having their hair combed, because at this point, it involves a spray bottle of water.  So I gave in and gave them haircuts.  Now they look like Alec, because shaving their little heads is the quickest thing I can do with two wigglers!

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