Tuesday, August 20, 2013

End of Summer

Usually about this point in the summer, I'm in Mother-panic mode.  What?  It's the end of the summer?  How did that happen?  We have so many things we wanted to do!  Our bucket list is still full!

This year, I'm feeling a bit more laid-back.  Maybe it's because we took a few more trips that we have been.  Maybe it's because we did take care of some of those bucket list items.  Maybe it's because I was able to be a little bit more spontaneous than I was before.  Or maybe it's because this summer is the first summer I haven't had all my boys here.  One is gone.

I've used up my allotment of childhood summers for my first boy.  There will be no more lazy, hazy days of carefree summers for me and him.  He's all getting growed up.  And that gives me a different perspective on life.  I don't have to rush and stuff it all in.  I can sit back and enjoy.

Actually, two boys were goneski.  Alec is at boot camp, of course, and Chris spent the summer working at a scout camp.  Part of me felt guilty doing family things without having ALL of my children with us.  On the other hand, we did fit into a smaller vehicle, so it turned out just fine.

And that sums up our summer.  We didn't get everything done.  We weren't great at finishing the things we started.  We didn't kill anyone.  We actually had a great time together.  And it all worked out just fine.

It's summer.  They are kids.  We are happy!

It's fine, just fine.

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