Thursday, March 28, 2013

Love(d) My Dining Room

We've been working on the last bit of wiring for moving the computers and finishing the family room.  Trent has been glad that the weather is not roastingly hot while he is crawling around in the attic.  I'm just glad that he didn't do this part of the job last week, just before the meeting we held here.

I guess Trent missed us while he was up there working, 'cuz he came home early.  Through the dining room ceiling.

It dumped insulation all over the table, and all over Ben and Chris who were sitting here.  Ben just looked up and said, "Um... hello?"  Chris got up, shoveled out his math books, and went to take a shower.  There is this much junk again on the floor.

Now Mr. Fix-It-Pants has a shortcut to get to work when he wants to do these kinds of projects.  He's even offering to move the light fixture, if I want it elsewhere.  What a nice guy!

We have lots of ventilation now, where he drilled holes to mark where the joists are.  He drew on the ceiling, too, like Michelangelo   Or maybe it was just to mark where the cut lines were so he could take the damaged piece out tomorrow.  Alec volunteered to do that part.  Love that boy.

And I can see into my attic.  Betcha you don't have that neat feature in your house!  I know you're jealous, but I'm not loaning out my man.  Sorry.  

Just glad he's undamaged, and that he's so good at fixing it back up!

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