Thursday, March 14, 2013

Family Funnies

It must be spring.  The snow has melted, the weather is getting nicer, and green things are starting to poke out of the ground.  As we were climbing out of the van, Georgie stopped and sighed.  Closing his eyes against the sunshine, he smiled and said, "Oh!  It is so nice and comfy warm!"

Trent is our resident breakfast person.  He loves to get up early and cook up a big morning meal.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it requires protein.  Preferably eggs and meat.  The other morning, he got up to find that I had used the last eggs making rice pudding (Alec's favorite).  Trent wanted eggs.  I don't get cold cereal as a general rule because it isn't filling enough, doesn't count as real food for him, is quite expensive per serving, and we could inhale several boxes of the stuff at a single meal.  So instead of making oatmeal or something otherwise carb-y (and quick so the kids could get to school on time), Trent ran to the store to get eggs.  The drugstore which is rumored to have the cheapest eggs was out.  Pressing forward, he went to the super-mega-mart, where eggs were two dollars a dozen.  Too expensive.  Instead, he bought $10 worth of cold cereal.  And an expensive carton of eggs.  Yay!  Trent has eggs for breakfast!  And then he ate cold cereal.  He survived.

Ben is of a similar opinion that cold cereal is not the best breakfast in the universe.  He doesn't mind having a bowl of it for a snack, or after he has eaten an otherwise good breakfast.  He explained, "Cereal is like packing peanuts.  It's good for filling in all the empty spots."

We bought the twins new unders.  Georgie was so excited about getting to wear his "great big gi-nant big boy unders-wears." and promises to keep them dry.  Freddie, after putting on his first pair of unders with a fly, kept checking his hips, looking for his pockets.

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