Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers' Day

So I tried a new thing on Mothers' Day, to think of all the other great women and mothers who have inspired and taught me and my children.  That way, I wouldn't get all martyr-y when it didn't turn out the way *I* wanted it to (and when does it ever turn out 100% perfect?).  Besides, motherhood is so much bigger than just little old me.

The day started out beautifully.  I had already made gifts for my mother and my first mother-in-law.  One was presented last week, before me mum went on vacation, and the other was put in the mail, all set to arrive late too late for the big day.  (Phooey!)  My second mother-in-law had a heart attack:  we papered her windows with melted-crayon hearts that the boys and I colored, cut out, and pasted on her front window at midnight.  (Really.  Ya gotta love teenagers for that kind of stealth!)

Trent made a delicious batch of homemade granola for breakfast, and presented me with a gorgeous red rose on a platter with little gifts from the boys.  Then, he brought out one of these:

How fun is that??  You can't tell in the picture, but ours is red.  We took it for a spin around the block before church.  We call it "Marriage Therapy", because we have to work together so well to avoid killing each other.  :-)

Church was lovely - Ben gave a nice talk about mothers and their divine calling, and the young men gave each lady a large chocolate bar.  I loved feeling the sisterhood of women with all the other fabulous ladies in my neighborhood.  How lucky am I to sit next to these shining examples of womanhood and mothering?  My heart was full.

It kind of went downhill from there, though, but I won't go into that part.  No day can ever be expected to be 100% perfect, right?

But now I'm thinking about that maybe our family needs one of these:

Yup, it's a ten-seater.  Or how about a pedal-powered auto?  Wouldn't that be fun?

I'm so looking forward to family bike rides, and glad, glad, glad to have a working bicycle.  I love riding a bike (I don't say "biking," as that sounds way more athletic than I ever would be).  I even rode up until about 8 months pregnant with the Angel ('twas easier than walking, actually).  I haven't ridden since the twin's pregnancy, and I've missed it.  Thank you, you wonderful man of mine!

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