Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Trip That Wasn't

I wasn't planning on posting yesterday because we were supposed to be out of town.  We were leaving very early in the morning, driving for a few hours, and going to Great-Grandma Ruby's funeral.  The boys were excited about going on a road trip.  It is Spring Break, after all.  To be fair, they were less than excited about the funeral part , but the rest of the trip could be fun.  We had our Costco muffins ready for our traditional on-the-road breakfast.   We had our clothes ready to go.  We had a list of games and activities to keep the little ones busy.  All the plans were made.  We went to the library to stock up on books - and noticed a puddle under the van.  Something was leaking.

I didn't mention that I was planning to make this trip without Trent.  That is noteworthy in that, if I were stranded, I would be on my own, without my live-in mechanic, with a passel of little children, on a day that was supposed to get up to about 80 degrees.  Oh, and the air-conditioning is broken.

I was looking forward to seeing family at the funeral, but we scrapped the trip.  It just didn't feel safe.

In the end, I'm glad we did.  Not only was our van sick, but I got sick yesterday too.  It would have been miserable.  I'm feeling better now, but the van isn't.  Poor van.

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