Monday, September 22, 2014

Mission Monday

A few snippets from this week's letters, for your reading enjoyment, quick perusal, or total ignorement.  Is ignorement really a word?  It should be.

We still had a good week though, and got to see just about all of our investigators, and we did a bunch of less active work, and we were able to see the results of that at sacrament meeting where the entire chapel was full with people. That was an amazing sight to see the chapel full. We also were able to meet with a few new investigators and to teach them. Sunday this week was crazy. Each week we get allocated 500 km to use in our work, and most weeks we use about 350 km. On this past Sunday, we used 100 km alone and brought our total for the week to 450. It was crazy when we had to pay for petrol. I really enjoy being a missionary. It is hard work and it takes time and effort, but it is way worth it. 

Word of the week in Xhosa is Hikoloukou (Hi-coe-Lo-coo) meaning something bad, or showing disappointment, or something went wrong. Fun word to use and it makes so much perfectness in day to day speech.

From Madagascar:

This Thursday, when we went to go teach M. and N., we walked in on a big (2 gallons ish) bowl full of live crawdads. They were all crawling over each other and a bunch were locked in death grips on each other. Then we sat down and plucked the legs off with the family and threw the live crawdads into another bowl where they all just thrashed and writhed, then after that we stuck them in a pot to boil. It was great! Not even phased.

They get a lot of rip off clothes from China. So there are a lot of American styles but all the clothes are dirty and worn usually. Everything is super colorful though, that's definitely a big thing. There are a lot of traditional clothes though too. Especially hats. There are 18 different tribes and they all have their own colorful hats. Then there are some other cool clothes too, there's this super long shirt thing, kind of like a night shirt thing, but it's just like a fitted shirt that goes down to your knees, and I am going to get one. Even if I have to have a tailor make one just for me because they are all too short.

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