Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bad Idea

I found an old feather pillow in the closet. It looked like a good, fluffy pillow, but the cover was dirty and stained. I've washed feather pillows before and they come out fine. It just takes a really, really long time to dry. A really long time.

So I tossed the questionable pillow in the washing machine with a load of sheets. When it was done, I pulled everything out and threw it in the dryer. After a minute I looked at the floor in front of the washer and saw this.

I guess the cover was older than I thought, because a whole bunch of the fluff got out. It looks like a big flock of baby chicks fell into the lake, floundered for a while, and somehow escaped into my washing machine. There are wet feathers everywhere.

Sigh. Guess I'd better go get the vacuum. When the wet fluff dries out it will look like a pillow fight convention in here. I already started the dryer... should I open the door or just go buy a new dryer?

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