Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Eagle Scout Projects

In our family, the boys have to get their Eagle Scout award before they can drive.  This rule came to be before they could even talk back.  It might have been less of an incentive for them to finish a really worthy ideal than a way to delay the having of teenaged drivers.  And yes, I will put it on the record that I think that achieving the rank of Eagle Scout is really something worth working for.  Regardless of whatever the current media firestorm says.

Alec did his Eagle project a while back.  He helped the city remodel sidewalks at street corners to make them more handicapped-friendly, with a ramp and a bumpy surface for grip.  He did a great job, but slowed down when it was time to do the paperwork and get it all turned in.  He did it, though, and got his driver's license and his Eagle.  

Ben had been working on his project for... a year?  Or has it been two?  He is so bashful around adults that he has a hard time simply making the phone calls to get the project started.  That took the longest time.  Actually doing the project has just been a matter of reminders.  He's made a bunch of magic wands (with a list of Harry Potter spells) and fairy wands (with stars and ribbons) to give to kids who are in the hospital.  It may have been inspired by seeing his little sister in the hospital.

And now he's done with the project.  I'm so happy for him.  Now it's just time to make the delivery to the volunteer coordinator at the hospital, and writing up the paperwork.  Yay!

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