Monday, September 10, 2012

The Pah-tee, Part Two

I neglected to say that we keep our potties right out in the living room, so everyone can enjoy our training successes.

Aren't they adorable little potties?  Now all who enter can know what we have been up to these days.

Actually, we put them there for two reasons:  it is more convenient to get two mini-bums to sit when the pots are right there; and three little people in the bathroom at the same time (Angel has to go if they do!) is just way too many.  One is on the toilet, one is on the potty, one is checking to see how long the toilet paper is, then someone has to splash in the toilet while it is being sat upon, and of course the cupboards and drawers simply must be explored.  Too much adventure.

We like our chamber pots in miniature to be admired.  Yeah, that's it.


  1. Today our little potty is in the kitchen! Appetizing! I commiserate :)

  2. But less nasty than cleaning up the trail to the bathroom - especially where your bathroom is up a flight of stairs!