Friday, January 20, 2012

I Want, I Want

Yesterday, it was the Angel making all the demands.  Today she is on a more even keel.  I think having a good night's sleep helps a lot (for me, too!), as well as more positive one-on-one time and a new reward system.  She gets a "happy ticket" when she is being cheerful, when she is able to calm down a potential tantrum (I will wipe away mine tears), or when she does something by herself that she is capable of (going to the bathroom, picking up her clothes).  She's been collecting her happy tickets in a little purse, and I've let her redeem them for little goodies throughout the day.  I love to ee her happy face!

Now it's Alec's turn to have a case of Iwantitis.  He is taking a computer programming class his senior year, and we agreed to let him take a laptop to school.  He insisted that it had to be one particular laptop, because the smaller one simply would not do.  Today, he came home and informed me that he needed the other laptop instead.  I smiled and asked him why.  He blustered on for a moment, using lots of words I don't know.  I continued smiling and nodding my head in my "don't let them know you don't know" fashion.  At last, I finally derived that the bigger laptop has a shorter battery and dies halfway through class.  Really?  That's it?  After all the postulating that it had a much superior whatsit and the processing do-hicky is faster?  I can wrap my mind around battery life.  Take it!  Take the smaller laptop!  It doesn't make any difference to me.  Electronics now have teenager DNA in them, so I'm nearly obsolete anyway.

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