Monday, January 30, 2012

Come Depressed, Leave Refreshed

I did some travelling recently.  I was reluctant to leave home, but I'm glad I went.  Sunday morning found us in Salt Lake City, where we stopped in at Temple Square and watched the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's weekly broadcast of Music and Spoken Word.  It was amazing.

I love the organ.  I love its deep, throaty rumbles that can vibrate you out of your seat.  I love the slight disharmony of using a 5/8 pipe.  I love the high delicate flute.  I love, love, love the horns.  I went to college on an organ scholarship.  That's not such a big deal - what high school kid learns how to play the organ?  I'm sure all three of us across the country got organ scholarships.  I loved playing and performing (and even the practicing most days).  So it was a thrill to see and hear such a grand organ, and the choir was wonderful, too.  It filled my bucket.

The theme of the program was "Come depressed, leave refreshed."  Yes, and yes.  So glad I could go.  Still battling the blues, but any drops in my nearly-empty bucket are appreciated and oh, so refreshing.  If you ever get the chance, go.  

Refreshed, me.

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  1. I was at that performance. I remember Lloyd Newell introducing the parents of that young man. What an inspiration.

    Cindi Cote