Monday, June 15, 2015

Mission Monday

I love Monday mornings.  I really do.  I wake up slowly (because I am not a hop-out-of-bed-at-first-light kind of person, because Trent kindly takes care of that job for me), pry my eyelids open, and reach for my tablet.  Then I get to lay in bed and read precious letters from my boys.  No, I got that backwards.  Letters from my precious boys.  Love the letters, but I love the boys more.  This morning I got a new surprise - a connection with the mother of Ben's new companion.  Now I can let more stories and pictures from this new area he's in.  And it's gorgeous.

Fort Dauphin, Madagascar.  From Elder Pinson's blog.  

Anyone want to go in on buying a summer home here?  Man, I think I could live here forever.  What an amazing world the Lord made for us!

From South Africa:

On Wednesday, we had to say goodbye to Elder Si'ufanua. He got the call that he was headed out to go to George. Which call means that there are only going to be two of us here in Paarl now.

I do have to say, that after six weeks of teaching with three missionaries, it is kinda hard to transition back to two. So now it is just back to the two of us here, Elder Castro and I. It is weird to just have one companion now, but that is what is in stock for us now.

And from Madagascar:

Well. Fort Dauphin is cool.  Yeah.

It has like all of my favorite things in one: a beach, nice mountains, jungly stuff, a crazy sweet language, and super awesome people!  Yes, the beach looks good. It especially looks very good when I look out my window in the morning and it's right there.

Any way, have a good week all of you, wherever you're at, and don't forget that Jesus died for you and your family so you can be with them throughout the eternities. It doesn't hurt to be a little more grateful than we usually are.

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