Monday, June 1, 2015

Mission Monday

Man, I love these boys.  I can manage to get up and going on Monday mornings because I get to read their letters.  Things must be pretty busy on the Cape, because his letters are getting shorter and shorter.  Maybe I need to send him an outline and he can just check off the boxes that pertain to that week.  That would make it easier for him!

From South Africa:

Well, this week has been kinda dreary. The clouds have started to come, and the rain is here. Some days it comes down in buckets, some, just a drizzle. Everybody is starting to prep for winter. It is that time of the year.

In the news, we have two investigators that are getting baptized this Sunday! They had their interviews this past week and passed! On top of that, we are having a Chapel Open House and ward party on Saturday. Hopefully it goes well and everybody comes. Even if they don't, we are still going to have a party.

And from Madagascar:

And then we had a BAPTISM!!! It was great. I baptized. The water was very cold. It was also green, but the cold was the worst part. D. stepped down into the water and almost stepped out so I dragged him down in, then baptized him. And as soon as he came rushing out of the water he was rushing up the steps to his towel and warm clothes... Haha it was also a very spiritual experience too though!

Then church was interesting. The confirmation went really well. He was glowing all day long. But then, because our new stake center was being dedicated in Andranomena, not very many active members came to church, but because it was Malagasy Mother's day, lots of less active females came (they hand out treats to all of the mothers...) Then we had combined block because it was a fifth sunday and we had a lesson about birth control of course! So, yeah. It was just a great day.

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