Monday, October 14, 2013

Feel Vindicated

I just read the funniest article.  I know it won't be funny to everyone.  But it was funny to me.  And poignant.

I graduated from college when I was 6 months pregnant.  We had been married for a year.  I know, quick - but that's what was right for us.  My husband had one more semester to go before he was done.  I was too blah and uncomfortable to go out and get a job or anything, so I just stayed home in our little apartment.  I read books and slept a lot, and sewed baby clothes.  I remember being bored and feeling yucky and wondering what I had gotten myself into.  What am I going to do all day as a stay-at-home mom?  I wondered about that often.  I soon found out.

Raising children takes a lot more time than I thought it would.  Mommying is hard work.  Sometimes nasty, sometimes joyful, sometimes frantic, sometimes boring, but oh-so-gratifying.

So when I read this article titled "You're a stay-at-home mom?  What do you DO all day?"  I was interested.

I loved it.  I read and re-read it.  And then I had to read it to my husband who was groggily stumbling out of the bedroom after hunkering down for a few days with the man-flu.  He was nice enough to listen and not fall asleep while I was reading.  Thanks, dear.

I came away from the article feeling grateful that someone else gets me.  I'm understood.  I'm important.  My role as a mother is critical for the health of our society.  And it felt good.  I'm not trying to say that non-stay-at-home-non-moms aren't important.  Quite the opposite.  We're all beneficial.  Really.  Unless you live off a government grant that has you collecting elephant poop.  But maybe then you are important to the elephants, so you're good.

So today, do an internet search of something you like to do, and read up on the latest articles (they doesn't even have to be peer-reviewed) that prove you are worthwhile.  I bet you'll find something.  You love quilting?  You are an important part of America's cultural heritage.  Are you into marketing?  Society needs you.  Are you a grandparent?  "The government needs to rethink the policy implications" of your "positive role."  Are you a manager?  Your role is critical.  You like shopping on Main Street? Your hometown economy depends on you.

Don't be cynical.  Just take it as a little boost for the day.  It might even make you share an article or two.

BTW, Man flu is real.  I'm not making it up.  I feel vindicated.

Just for today, google (or bing or yahoo or whatever you do) "my interest/job/hobby/calling" important (like "librarians important") and see what comes up.  And then feel vindicated.  And important - 'cuz you are!

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