Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Word of the Year

No New Year's resolutions for me.  I have a hard time planning ahead right now, and it's discouraging to not be making progress on goals I know I should make but will have a hard time working on or seeing progress. So no resolutions.

Instead, I'll focus on a word, or a phrase.  I tried it last year (read about JOY here and CONTENT here), and I found that it helped me to draw my life into the places I most wanted to be.  It worked for me.  But what for this year?

This year, I will love without asterisks, and without fine print.

That means that when I get a compliment, I don't say, "Oh, this old thing?"  Or when someone is unexpectedly nice, I don't think, "Yeah, sure."  Or when I tell my children they did a good job, I don't make a mental note that I would, however, appreciate the job more if they did it a different way.

When I love, I will learn to do it with my whole heart, without holding some back, without standing on the fence, without building walls.  Just love.  That's all.

I think it will make for a happier new year.


  1. LOVE your image!!!!! Did you make that yourself. WELL DONE*!!!!

    *Just had to put some fine print here!

  2. Yeah, I made it. It's not hard in Picasa. And thanks!