Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Parties

We always have Christmas parties with our extended families.  This year, we had one with my mother's family (descendants of her parents), one with my family (my dad, my brothers and their families), one with Trent's family (his folks, siblings, and their families, and a January party with some of Trent's cousins.

The best party, though, is Trent's family's adult party.  No offense to any of the other parties, or to the idea of partying with my own children.  Love you all.

This party is restricted to Trent's folks, and their children and spouses.  Each of the eight couples writes a story - something from family history, something about childhood in the family, something that happened to our family this year, whatever - and buys a gift to go with the story.  We take turns to pick a random gift, hear the giver read the story, and go home with something fun and copies of all the stories.  Over the years, it has made for an impressive collection of family tidbits.  We laugh so hard, and we all love it.  Here is the picture from this year.

And here is Trent, who almost made it to his seat before the automatic timer went off.  Cute dance, honey.

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