Wednesday, August 12, 2015

More Family Reunion

The reunion turned out really well, all things considered.  These are great people, and I was happy to be able to spend a few days with them.

We got together for a barbecue at a cousin's house and played minute to win it games.  It was fun to see the cousins all working together.  They also loved rowing in the pond and just sitting around gabbing.  That was me, catching up with 4 of my sisters-in-law who I don't get to see often enough.


I loved seeing the "teenager team" celebrate after wining a victory.  Shall I mention the loophole Chris cleverly found in the rules that allowed their early and easy win?  They make me laugh.

Here's our angel playing a tossing game to her daddy.  She was throwing two things at once, and he had to be careful to catch them both.  He did, and I love how worried she looks about it.  Trent is such a stellar dad - the kids and I are so lucky to have him!

 We made happy faces on yellow paper plates and got our portraits taken.  I wasn't the designated photographer of the reunion, so I only got a few pictures of my family.  Everyone's personalities were evident in the artwork, the pose, and the willingness to do it in the first place.


Here we are, watching a film at a museum.  I think the kids were interested in the exhibits for... about the first half hour.  This sums up my feeling after an hour perfectly!


We went on tours and no one got lost.  Except me.  We were a large group and didn't fit into one elevator going up - or even two. While waiting for the elevator, I saw the door to the stairs and thought I'd just run up a flight instead of standing and waiting.  I didn't realize that the door at the top would be locked.  Eddie had come with me, so we just laughed at ourselves and ran back down the stairs, only to find that door locked as well.  We had inadvertently locked ourselves in the stairwell!  Fortunately, the tour guide of the next group let us out and took us up the elevator with her group.  Next time, I'll stay with the tour guide, promise!

Freddie started not feeling well while on the tour, and so did another teenaged cousin.  I think it was just too hot in the middle of the day and we all needed a break - and some water.  In spite of all that, it was fun to be together.  I don't know when this family will be able to get together again, but I sure enjoyed being a part of everything.  I'm glad the Lord made us in families - what a blessing they are to us!

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