Friday, August 22, 2014

The First Day of School

What a nostalgic time, the first day of school is.  Or maybe the pleasant childhood memories get swallowed up in the hubbub of shopping with a zillion other people in the same store and trying to find red pens and attempting to go to bed earlier to set a new schedule and where did we put the lunch boxes and cataloging wardrobes and Heavens sakes, boy, you need new shoes!

At least, at the end of all that, they were willing to smile for me.  The girl doesn't start school quite yet - kindergarten gets the first bit off.

I am glad that, in spite of our rushed move, not everything has been mixed up.  Our two bigger boys here don't have to change schools at all, and Eddie will be going to that same school where his gifted program was cancelled.  And he will have the same teacher who had been teaching in the gifted program, except it's not a gifted program.  What a blessing for him!  Chris is a junior in high school (how did that ever happen??), and David is in the eighth grade.

What fun to see these boys grow!

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