Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gray and Yellow

My beautiful niece had a baby recently.  It is always an amazing process to get a new bundle of love from Heaven to here.  But this one was especially special.

They had a hard time getting this sweet baby here.  Last year, the new parents were so thrilled to announce their pending addition.  We all cheered.  But there was a miscarriage late in the pregnancy and we cried for her.  After the tears dried, they tried again.  Another pregnancy, and we were happy for them.  

Cautious, careful.  It is hard to rejoice when you are afraid to lose again.  The pain of a previous loss dampens, makes it harder to be happy.  The baby threatened to come early, too early.  Hospitalizations and worry finally ended in the safe arrival of a tiny baby.  She was too anxious to get to this life, to meet her sweet mother and loving daddy.  Her life was tentative, supported by teams of hospital workers.  We prayed and hoped for them.

At long last, the sweet baby could go home.  She was strong and healthy and ready to get on with living.  I made her a soft afghan to wrap up in to remind her that some days feel gray, but others are bright and sunshiny.  We all have ups and downs, but neither direction stops our progression.  Through the middles of our downs and ups, our grays and yellows, we find the white of peace.  The white of  feeling love in the heart of a storm or in the midst of joy.  That's the love that comes from Heaven to sustain us.  That's the sweet white love this new baby comes from, and brought with her.  

Welcome, Maylee.  We love you.

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