Friday, June 28, 2013

Great Families Have Extended Families

We had such a good time with our Alaskan Grandma here.  She stayed for a whole week, which was not nearly long enough because we only get to see her once a year.  So we try to be as much with her as we can.

Last year, we weren't able be with her as much as we wanted to, because her visit fell just after my mom passed away.  But this year, we had a great time together.

We are incredibly lucky to have a strong extended family web.  We have so many good friends in our family, and we know they are always there for us.  How lucky for us that we have THREE (Jay's, mine, and Trent's) big extended families.  That means fourteen sets of aunts and uncles, and (I'm trying to count) about 60 cousins!  Whoop!

How we love our grandma.  And Opa.  And Gram and Pop.  And our Angel Grandma Susie and Angel Grandpa Ras looking out for us from Heaven.

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