Saturday, August 4, 2012

I Want My Mom

My mother passed away a few days ago.  I miss her terribly, but I am filled with peace.  It's as if God took my broken-open heart and poured a double measure of love and comfort straight in.

I have to speak at her funeral tomorrow.  I have no idea what to say.  There are sweet things that would be nice, but totally insufficient.  And the things that are vitally important are so close to my heart that there is no way I could say them out loud, let alone in front of a crowd.

Many people loved my mother.  She touched countless lives with her kind, thoughtful nature.  She was so much to so many... but she is my mom.  My mom!

Love you, Mom.


  1. You did a great job speaking at the funeral. You are such an inspiration to me. Love you ♥

  2. Thanks so much, Rachel! I'm glad it's over... :-)